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Louvered Pergola Roof

Make Your Outdoor Living Area Personalized with a Louvre Pergola Roof

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Why choose a Louvered pergola roof ?

As a Louvered pergola roof consists of interconnected louvers that can be tilted and/or slid open, adjusting light and shade becomes child's play. You can fully enjoy your terrace and the fresh air because you have total control over the temperature and light intensity. In addition, the louvres provide for natural ventilation; when tilted, the sun is blocked and heat is easily released from beneath the pergola. Furthermore, you can remain outside on chilly days and nights because of extra features like integrated screens, patio heaters, and dramatic LED lighting.

  • Choose the ideal amount of sun or shade.
  • Enjoy natural ventilation under your pergola.
  • Stay outside even on cooler days and evenings

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